Coming together in inclement weather!

It was super windy and coooold~

What were you up to last blustery, cold Saturday? Some of the cool (literally) folks of the Ward and beyond came together for workshop number 2! We spent our time acknowledging the sonic landscape of the Huron Community Garden where we meet every Saturday, interacting with the various expressions of the space using items like a tea kettle, an empty salsa jar, a fly swatter, two types of bows, and a cardboard tube. You know, very common musical instruments…!

Exploring the soundscape with instruments of choice

What we found together was that the garden was blooming with sound all on its own, and “just” listening could become our instrument of choice because so many layers were already present. We also learned with each other that windy days could bring out new sounds we might not always notice because we’re often caught indoors during those days, or just trying to make it from point A to point B and don’t stop to listen.

Coming up tomorrow, we’ll begin our collaborative design process using the lessons and stories we’ve shared together, bringing abstract ideas and physical interactions together.

Musical instrument by Barbara Bryce

By the way, the beautiful sounding-stick you see us walking with is the work of Barb Bryce, local Guelph artist and co-creator of the now dispersed Sonic Playground with Sue Smith and Dr. Leslie Wyber. These workshops are absolutely inspired by their awesome work! Check out some of that info here.

Fun footage captured by Ben. Thanks, Ben!

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