Our first workshop!

Here are a few shots of our first workshop! We spent our time together making sounds, chatting about community values throughout the pandemic, and listening both to each other and the sounds happening all around us.

Empty space…

You might notice this photo looks empty. During this particular moment, we kept hearing a noise nearby but were in conversation and didn’t look over. Me being from the sunny desert didn’t realize that the sound was coming from a car unable to go forward due to the ice it was on! Once we all caught wind of what was happening, someone called out “we should go down there and give them a push!” And so we did.

About 6 or 7 of us got close to the car and asked if they’d like a push. Two minutes later, they were off! We came back to our meeting space to continue connecting, but that moment together felt special. Too bad the camera didn’t catch our actions, but it did capture our absence!

Speaking of which, the project is seeking a videographer who can capture the sessions creatively and intuitively with more attention to detail than a tripod. Know someone? It’s a paid gig – please email musicalplaygroundguelph@gmail.com

Embracing the environment!

Suffice to say, the session was a joyful social moment for me and I can’t wait until tomorrow’s workshop session! 🙂